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Would you like to have a good sounding room spending the right money?

To achieve the best listening quality any listening room (not only largest professional recording studios, but also audiophile living rooms, home studios, garages used as a rehearsal room, home theaters and so on) requires proper treatment to correct sound waves reflections, refractions and absorptions. Spending and investing in audio equipment or expensive reference monitors without first investing in environment acoustic correction is like investing in luxury finishes while building an apartment without foundations. We do not offer expensive and miraculous panels to buy or pricey consulting services. Unlike our competitors, we offer you our experience in designing, case by case, the perfect solution. We shall guide you to achieve the best result with the best possible value, coaching and advising you with a simple “do it yourself” ad hoc solution. Doing so we are able to reduce by 50% the standard costs for creating the acoustic correction of your listening environment.

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