5 IR Custom for 49€ instead of 100€

+ 1 IR Custom EXTRA if you are subscribed to the
bassyourlife Youtube channel.

The IRs of the package:

- Fender Jazz 1969

- Fender Jazz 1975

- Fender Precision 1964

- Music Man Pre EB 1978

- Rickenbacker 4003

- Hofner Violin Bass 1967 (for subscribers only)

To have your custom IRs calculated and customized on your instrument, you just need to record a chromatic scale and some free performances, recording your bass connected directly to your sound card, and then send the recordings to DRAPsound via email.


Would you like to have the sound of a particular bass without changing yours? 

With our custom IR, you can now do it! 

One custom IRs calculated and customized on your instrument: 20€

Contact us for more information, mailto

In Tone We Trust! 


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