All DRAPsound Replica Tones® patches, with the exception of Kemper Rigs, are sold inclusive of a specific IR for each individual sound. This is not only a single speaker/cab emulation IR, DRAPsound IRs are the synthesis of an entire emulation process that we use to create our exclusive "Replica Tone®": an extremely faithful replica of the real analog sound created with our collectors' amps and pedals.



  3 Rig: DRAPsound DP    (€ 20,00)

 Davide Pannozzo (clean-crunch-lead)   

Based on:

- Two Rock Amplifier

- Vemuran Jan Ray and

- Xotic Super Sweet


- Royer R-10 in Heritage '73JR preamp

- Shure SM57 in Chameleon Lab preamp