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All DRAPsound presets, with the exception of Kemper Rigs, are sold inclusive of a specific IR for each individual sound. This is not only a single speaker/cab emulation IR, DRAPsound IRs are the synthesis of an entire emulation process that we use to create our exclusive "Real Tone": an extremely faithful replica of the real analog sound created with our collectors' amps and pedals.


The presets were created with FRACTAL FXIII updated to version 16.05.
There may be compatibility problems between different firmware versions, but also problems (known and not yet fixed by Fractal, hopefully in the next update) in loading FXIII presets on FM3.
In case of problems loading a preset contact us at and we will provide you with screenshots of the parameters to quickly restore the correct chain manually.
Obviously, always check the correct association in the CAB or IR block of the IR supplied with the preset upon purchase.

Rig:  "MANCUSO 335" (€ 12,00)


 Based on:

 - Head: DC PLEXI 45/50

 - Cabinet: Marshall '68 4x12 Celestion G12M



- Royer R-10 in Heritage '73JR preamp

 - Shure SM57 in Chameleon Lab preamp