All DRAPsound Replica Tones® patches, with the exception of Kemper Rigs, are sold inclusive of a specific IR for each individual sound. This is not only a single speaker/cab emulation IR, DRAPsound IRs are the synthesis of an entire emulation process that we use to create our exclusive "Replica Tone®": an extremely faithful replica of the real analog sound created with our collectors' amps and pedals.

 Preset: Matteo Mancuso (€ 20,00)


     1 - 2 CLEAN/CHORUS (2 snapshot)

     3 - CRUNCH

     4 - LEAD

     (This preset uses 2 custom IR included)

Preset:  "MANCUSO 335" (€ 12,00)

 Based on:

 - Head: DC PLEXI 45/50

 - Cabinet: Marshall '68 4x12 Celestion G12M


 - Microphone: - Royer R-10 in Heritage '73JR preamp

 - Shure SM57 in Chameleon Lab preamp


     (This preset uses one custom IR included)

 5 Presets: DRAP_STEF      (€ 20,00)
 1 Preset DRAP_STEF_Dis with 3 snapshots   (crunch-power - lead & 3 IRs) 
1 preset: "DRAP_STEF_Stupendo"
1 preset: "DRAP_STEF_Clean"

 (For POD GO)

  Based on:
  Head: Marshall JCM900 (Mantovani mod.)
  Cabinet: Marshall 4x12 
  Stomp box: Xotic RC booster

  Microphone used:
  Shure SM57 into API 512 preamp
  Royer R10 into HERITAGE '73 JR preamp

Pack: Andy Timmons (€ 20,00)

Two custom IR included

Based on:

- Head: Mesa Boogie Lone Star

- JHS Pedals AT

 Microphone used:

- Shure SM57 with preamp API 512c

- Royer Labs R10 with preamp Heritage Audio 73 JR