Our "healthy obsession"
is to make and produce your best Patches & Guitar Tones! 

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All DRAPsound Replica Tones® patches, with the exception of Kemper Rigs, are sold inclusive of a specific IR for each individual sound. This is not only a single speaker/cab emulation IR, DRAPsound IRs are the synthesis of an entire emulation process that we use to create our exclusive "Replica Tone®": an extremely faithful replica of the real analog sound created with our collectors' amps and pedals.

NEWS 17-04-21    Daniele Cordisco with his ''Navona'' custom Archtop by Leonardo Manni at the DRAPsound studio!!!

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NEWS 03-02-21    Flavio De Salve plays 3 Kemper rig: "DRAP FDS (clean-crunch-rock)"

NEWS 27-11-20    Only for Friday 27/11/2020, 35% off with the code "35off"


NEWS 23-03-20  IR for double bass !!!

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NEWS 24-02-20  Interview (with video) for www.musicoff.com

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NEWS 17-02-20  Interview for www.musicoff.com

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Ready the new service of realization of IR CUSTOM for
acoustic instruments!

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NEWS 10-01-20: Play with us!

Go to the page with new videos and play with us!

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